Auto Maintenance Tips on Getting Your Mileage into 6-Figure Territory

Auto Maintenance TipsImprovements in metallurgy, build quality and technology mean that cars are living longer and longer. And we’re not talking about Japanese cars only – Europeans and domestics are giving reliable service up to, and exceeding, 150,000 miles. With the right care, you can keep virtually any car on the road for as long as you want to.

Below are some auto maintenance tips to keep your car healthy and into 6-figure territory:

  • Buy a good car to start with: While Japanese cars are usually the most reliable, don’t overlook American cars – the quality is improving and often they’re less expensive to repair. Typically, the most expensive to fix are European cars.
  • Follow the auto maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual: If you have a maintenance-minder, use it as a guideline for servicing, but also check the owner’s manual because some items need replacing based on time, not mileage.
  • Drive gently: You don’t have to pamper your car; in fact, some foot-to-the-floor acceleration every now and then is a good thing. However, speeding like a wannabe Formula 1 driver isn’t good for your car . . . or your health.
  • Keep your car clean: Paint doesn’t just make your car look great; it also protects the materials underneath. Wash it regularly and wax it when water no longer beads on the paint.
  • Use good quality replacement parts: Whether to use genuine manufacturer parts or not is debatable, but don’t just opt for the cheapest parts you can find. Discuss your options with an auto maintenance professional.

If people chide you about your old car, chide them about their high insurance rates and car payments!


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