Does Your Automobile Technician Need a License?

Does Your Automobile Technician Need a License?When you take your vehicle in for repairs or service, you want to be sure that the automobile technician not only knows what he is doing, but also that he has the appropriate training to deal with unexpected issues. Ideally, you want a licensed automobile technician—someone who has the required experience and education to be state-certified. Often, the cost of using a professional are higher than those of a cut-rate company, leaving many vehicle owners asking: “Is a license really necessary?”

The answer is yes. In the large majority of states in the U.S., automobile technicians are required to have several licenses to operate. First, they need some type of professional license. Typically, this comes from a polytechnic university or trade school and includes classroom tuition and hands-on training in the form of an apprenticeship.

Frequently, thousands of hours need to be spent under vehicle hoods before an automobile technician can call himself a licensed professional. Moreover, many states require techs to obtain state business licenses to run auto repair shops. And almost always, a city business license is needed for a shop to operate legally.

In essence, beware the automobile technician who tells you he doesn’t need a license to work. And remember, when looking for independent auto shops in your area, there’s a greater responsibility on you to find out what kind of reputation the business has and whether their license is current. Some unethical operators apply for a license to open a business but never renew it after the first year.


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