Avoiding Auto Repair During a Road Trip

Auto Repair

Traversing the country on the Oregon Trail could take as long as four to six months, if you made it at all. Breakdowns along the 2,170-mile voyage were common leaving pioneers to be creative on how to get moving once again. It wasn’t like it is today with an auto repair shop every few miles along the way. Today you can make that same trip in mere days, provided you don’t face an auto repair situation. Whether your next road trip is cross country or a shorter distance, here are some tips for avoiding auto repair, so you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

  1. Check the tires. It isn’t enough to just make a visual inspection of the tread remaining, although that is a good idea. Your best bet is to have your auto technician inspect the tires and alignment. Let them know how many miles you are planning to travel, so they can let you know if your tires should be replaced before you leave. Keep in mind that a road trip often involves a heavily-packed vehicle, which means it is even more important for your tires to be in top condition.
  2. Maintenance. Calculate how many miles you’ll travel to determine if you’ll hit your oil change or other maintenance level during the trip. It never hurts to have this done early, which saves you from finding someone to take care of it on your trip or putting on too many miles waiting till you get back home. It is always better to work with the auto technician you know and trust.
  3. Brakes. Your vehicle’s brakes are not something you want to be mediocre when going on a road trip. Be sure to have them checked out, including all the components, and replace anything that shows signs of wear.
  4. Inspection. It is always better to have your vehicle checked out from bumper to bumper before a road trip rather than face an auto repair during the trip, or worse, an accident because of a mechanical problem. Your trip should only have pleasant memories!

If you are planning a road trip soon and want to minimize the chance of needing auto repair on the road, come see us at Joyce Automotive. We’ll be happy to check your vehicle over and give you our recommendations for anything that should be taken care of.

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