Causes and Effects of Poor Wheel Alignment

effect of poor wheel alignment to help out future customers like yourself

Driving your car is a necessity in many parts of the country. We use our cars to make it to work, pick up children, and get to important appointments. Without a properly functioning car, you find yourself in serious inconveniences that can be very stressful. Here at Joyce Automotive, one of the common issues that we see is drivers who have neglected their wheel alignment services for too long, and now have a host of other repairs to make. We have decided to share some common causes and effect of poor wheel alignment to help out future customers like yourself.

Small and seemingly insignificant things can cause your poor wheel alignment. Things you wouldn’t have thought are issues can knock your wheels out of alignment rather easily! Driving over a large pothole, a small fender bender, backing over a curb, or even running over an item you couldn’t avoid on the highway can all cause poor wheel alignment.

When you have poor wheel alignment, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your car, when left to its own, will not steer straight. This is easy to test in an empty parking lot — simply put your wheel straight and see if your car drives straight forward. With poor wheel alignment, you might experience shaking in your vehicle, difficulty keeping your tires straight, more energy used while steering, and preventable tire damage from uneven wear and tear.

Wheel alignment is easy to check and should be fixed quickly to prevent other problems. Come see us at Joyce Automotive to check your wheel alignment today.

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