Why You Should Choose an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop

Why You Should Choose an AAA Approved Auto Repair ShopIn 1975, the AAA Approved Auto Repair program was established to address the most common consumer complaint: unsatisfactory vehicle repairs. The program refers consumers and its members to facilities that consistently maintain and meet high standards. Today, there are about 8,000 AAA approved auto repair facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

Service specialists from AAA, all of whom have ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification, perform stringent reviews of every auto repair shop regularly. These specialists also have the necessary automotive knowledge to address the following:

  1. Inspection of an auto repair shop for proper tools and cleanliness.
  2. Verification of appropriate training and technician certifications.
  3. Satisfaction surveys to obtain the opinions from customers as to how well a facility meets their needs.
  4. Financial and insurance background checks.

The final decision as to whether an auto repair shop becomes an approved facility is made by a committee of AAA club officials.

Customer Satisfaction

You, the customer, can therefore feel confident that AAA approved auto repair facilities are trustworthy and reliable.

  • You will be given a written estimate of all work to be done.
  • You get a 24,000-mile/24-month labor and parts guarantee of service on repairs performed by the auto repair shop.
  • Upon request, replaced parts are returned to you.


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