How to Choose the Best New & Used Tires

New & Used TiresChoosing tires for your vehicle doesn’t need to be confusing. You just have to consider a few main things, and then our experienced auto technicians at Joyce Automotive can make the decision process quite easy.

The first step is deciding between new & used tires. Obviously, budget is often one of the reasons why you might need to consider used tires, but that is not the only reason. Another reason might be that you have plans to sell or trade the vehicle in the near future and therefore do not want to invest in a full set of new tires. Another reason might be that one tire has become damaged, but the other three still have some life remaining. Getting one used tire that has a lifespan similar to the other three will put you ready for all 4 to be replaced at about the same time. With our inventory of quality used tires, we can often even match the set you currently have on your car.

Once you have made the choice between new & used tires, the next step is deciding on what features are most important. Here in Lakeland, Florida it is important to consider tires that are designed for our rainy conditions. There are a number of new & used tires that are designed to keep your car from hydroplaning. Another consideration is the mileage rating. By telling us how long you plan to keep your vehicle, we can advise on new & used tires that are rated appropriately, saving you money now and in the future.

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