The Consequences of Ignoring Regular Oil Changes for Your Car

The Consequences of Ignoring Regular Oil Changes for Your CarWater in the desert. Blood in your body. Oil in an engine. They are all essential. Without them, something or someone is going to die.

Oil is a vital lubricant in your car’s engine. It allows metal to rub against metal without causing damage. As the pistons move up and down in the cylinders, oil lubricates them. Without oil, friction caused by metal-on-metal would create so much heat that the surfaces would eventually weld themselves together and the engine would seize.

Even if your engine has enough oil, two things will definitely happen if you ignore regular oil changes:

  1. Dirt will build up in the oil. For a while, the filter will remove the dirt, but the filter will eventually clog and the dirty oil will bypass the filter via a relief valve. Dirty engine oil is abrasive and thick, so it causes wear.
  2. Additives in oil such as dispersants, detergents, friction-reducers, and rust-fighters will wear out. When this happens, the oil can’t lubricate properly.

As the oil gets dirtier and dirtier, it will stop lubricating altogether and the engine will eventually fail. However, this won’t happen if you just forget to have the oil changed one time. You’d have to run the same oil through the engine for a very long time before catastrophic failure occurred.

Note: To keep your engine running well and extend its life, also remember that good-quality oil is just as important as a regular oil change.


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