How to Develop a Relationship with Your Auto Technician

How to Develop a Relationship with Your Auto TechnicianOne of the things many people overlook when it comes to getting the best out of any type of service is the importance of developing a real relationship with one service provider. There are many reasons why this is the way to go, and it is particularly true regarding automotive technicians.

When you develop a relationship with your auto technician, you get to know them and they get to know you and your vehicle. Your level of confidence will rise dramatically as you develop this relationship, and the auto technician will know your vehicle well enough to easily advise you on upcoming maintenance and repair issues.

As for knowing how to develop a relationship, that part is pretty easy, especially when you work with a highly qualified auto repair company. At Joyce Automotive, we recognize the importance of building relationships with you. The key component is to take your vehicle to one place for everything it needs, from routine maintenance to repair issues. It is much like taking all your prescriptions to one pharmacy so they always know all the medications you are taking and can warn you about any potential interaction problems. If we keep track of all your vehicle maintenance, we are in a better position to avoid missing any critical issues about your vehicle.

Another part of developing a relationship with your auto technician is making sure you communicate any symptoms you are noticing. This means everything from unusual noises to leaks found on your driveway or garage floor. Sometimes a small leak won’t be apparent at the shop, but it will be noticed in the spot your car is parked every day and building up over time. Communication is key to developing any relationship, and we focus on making it as easy as possible for you and your auto technician to have the best relationship possible.


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  1. Michael
    Jul 31, 2014 @ 17:40:58

    Good tips! This is especially true for an older vehicle, where it’s good to have the same person look at the car each time it’s in the shop. In these cases it’s likely in the shop a little more than a newer car, and probably not covered under warranty.


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