Helpful Tips Regarding an Oil Change

Oil ChangeIf you are like most people, you get that cute little window decal telling you when it is time to do the next oil change, and that is the only thought you put into the process. If you have a newer vehicle, it might even give you a light or audible warning that it is time to have it done. That’s even easier. But is that all you should think about? The answer might surprise you.

First of all, owner’s manuals will list recommendations for an oil change anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 miles, but the truth is, your car may need to have an oil change far more frequently than the owner’s manual states. Some of the things that can push this schedule up are dusty environments, such as frequent driving on dirt roads, an older engine that tends to burn the oil, your driving habits being hard on the vehicle (jackrabbit starts, fast driving or heavy acceleration), and carrying around a heavy load frequently.

The quality of the oil used is another thing to consider. While some oils on the market will promise you that they don’t need to be changed as often, forget the hype and change even them a bit more often than they say, especially if you have one of the conditions mentioned previously. You’ll never hurt your vehicle by changing the oil more often. When we perform an oil change, we can assess the state of the used oil to determine if more frequent changes are needed.

Besides having an oil change when it is time, it is also important to check the oil level every so often. If it is low, make sure you add some oil, but be careful not to overfill it, as you can damage the engine if you do. When in doubt, drop by Joyce Automotive and let us add it for you. This way, you know the same oil we used for your last oil change will be used. We can also check out your vehicle to see if there is a reason why the oil level dropped. Few things are more important for the health of your vehicle than correctly timed and accomplished oil changes. Let us help you keep on top of them to extend the life of your vehicle!

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