For Your Next Oil Change Services, Consider Switching to Synthetic

Oil Change Services

Oil change services are the most frequent maintenance item that is required for taking care of your vehicle’s engine. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reduce the frequency of your needed oil change services while taking better care of your vehicle’s engine and even improving your vehicle’s fuel economy? Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is not. The answer is switching to synthetic oil for your oil change services.

Traditional, conventional oil is made from crude oil. This crude oil is refined at length, but no amount of refining can perfectly remove all the impurities that exist. There will always be some contaminants left, including dirt, silicon, waxes and paraffin. These impurities can translate to unwanted deposits deep inside your vehicle’s engine, which can reduce the lifetime of your engine. Conventional oil also tends to get thicker over time because the hydrocarbons are many different sizes and the small chains of hydrocarbons burn off in the high heat of your vehicle’s engine.

So what are the advantages of switching to synthetic oil?

  • Because synthetic oil is manmade, it can be made without the contaminants. This means no deposits inside your vehicle’s engine.
  • Synthetic oil is more stable and can handle a wide range of temperatures better.
  • Because the hydrocarbon chains are all the same size, synthetic oil does not get thicker over time.
  • Synthetic oil is better at transferring heat away from your vehicle’s engine, which helps keep your engine running cooler.
  • Synthetic oil does not need to be drained and replaced as often, which means fewer oil changes.
  • Synthetic oil can actually improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

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