Regular Car Maintenance Avoids Big Repairs

“Pay me now or pay me later” may be a somewhat flippant cliché that is rather annoying, in fact, but it really is true when it comes to vehicles. If you don’t take care of the routine car maintenance issues today, you are most definitely going to have something to pay down the road, and it will likely be far more costly. We don’t want to see that happen to you, and although we’ll make more money if you do it that way, we don’t want to make our living in that manner. We’d rather save you money overall. To that end, here are a few situations where it really is better to pay us now rather than later.

  • Regular Car Maintenance Avoids Big Repairs

    Oil Changes: Car maintenance must include regular oil changes, unless you want to have to pay for engine repair or even a new engine down the road. You’ve probably heard about people getting 100,000 or more miles on their car, and that is accomplished only by keeping up with oil and oil filter changes.

  • Tire Rotation & Alignments: Just because the new tires you purchased claim to last a set number of miles doesn’t mean you will ever realize that number if you do not have them rotated regularly and have the alignment corrected when necessary. A new set of tires needed far too often is an unnecessary expense.
  • Brakes: Keeping up with brake car maintenance is another thing that can become more expensive if you fail to have it done when needed. The rotors will need to be turned or replaced if you wait too long, not to mention the fact that you could wreck your car if the brakes fail completely.

Obviously, there are plenty of other cases where a small repair can avoid a larger repair, and our car maintenance technicians at Joyce Automotive will always do all they can to keep you paying less now for car maintenance, rather than more later.


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