Spare Your Wallet by Purchasing Used Tires

USED TIRES IN LAKELAND, FLORIDABuying new tires for your vehicle can be a costly and frustrating experience. Depending on the kind of vehicle you’re driving, you might end up spending a hefty sum of money replacing your tires. Then, you have the added frustration of trying to figure out what brand and type of tires to purchase. However, there is an option that can save you money the next time your tread is wearing out — you can talk to us at Joyce Automotive about our selection of used tires.

It may sound counter-intuitive buying used tires to replace your own worn out ones, but there’s a huge difference between tires that need to be replaced and tires that have been gently used, but are still in good condition. People discard tires that are still useful for a number of reasons. Often, when trying to sell a used car the seller will put new tires on it as a selling point. The used tires that were previously on it, that may still be in good condition, get passed onto tire and auto repair shops.

Used tires sell for significantly less than their new counterparts, depending on how much wear they have on them and how much life they have left. Our expert auto technicians at Joyce Automotive know how to tell the difference between an unsafe tire and a tire that can still be used. We evaluate all our used tires for warning signs, like uneven tread wear, bubbles in the sidewall, and liner damage that could indicate that a tire is unsafe. Only tires we are sure are safe for use are put up for sale.

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