When it Might Be Time for Engine Repair Services

engine repair services Even with the best of preventative measures, our cars are eventually going to need some proper tuning-up and more intensive care.  Still, how will you know when your car is in more serious need of engine repair services?

The first and obvious indicator is the check engine light coming on. Sometimes this can just boil down to a sensor issue, but your car’s engine is one thing you don’t want to let go and ignore.  Our cars are a serious investment, so show that by taking the warnings your car gives you seriously.  Take your car into an auto shop such as ours with the check engine light on, and usually after just a few minutes using our computer hook-ups, we can let you know where the issue lies.  If you car’s check engine light doesn’t come on, however, that doesn’t mean there are not other signs you are in need of engine repair services.

If your car has smoke coming from under the hood, or excessive smoke coming from the tail pipe, your car is in need of engine repair services.  Also, pay attention to how your car is handling in normal driving situations.  If you start to notice a difference in how well it accelerates, shifts, or just any other abnormal functioning with the car while you drive, get into a shop soon. These are often signs of transmission or other engine troubles, and the sooner they are taken care of, the happier you and your pocket will be.  Don’t let these issues go too far.  Other signs to look for are shaking while you drive, strange noises while you are driving (that are new to your car), leaks, and so forth.

Engine troubles do not need to be the end of your car.   With proper engine repair services, your car can be back up and running like new in no time.  Let our technicians at Joyce Automotive help keep your car tuned-up, healthy, and happy.  Then you’ll be happier, too.

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