Tired of Those Odd Noises? Vehicle Repair Can Resolve Them

Tired of Those Odd Noises? Vehicle Repair Can Resolve ThemOld cars and aging people have one thing in common – when they exhibit unusual traits, they are often accepted as the price of getting older. With people, that is aches and pains. With vehicles, that is odd noises. While we can’t say much about those aches and pains, we can say without a doubt that those odd noises are not something you just have to accept. In many cases, our auto technicians at Joyce Automotive can locate the source of the unusual sounds and resolve them. Often, all it takes is a minor vehicle repair to make your car sound like new again.

Sometimes those odd noises are your car’s way of telling you that something is wrong, so it really isn’t a good idea to just ignore them. For example, a squeaking noise under the hood could be coming from a belt that is loose and should be replaced before it breaks and leaves you stranded on the side of the road. It might even cause additional damage when it breaks. Hissing is another noise that should be given prompt vehicle repair attention, as that generally means a line is leaking or has come loose.

Clunking and grinding noises are also a sign that you should bring your car to us for vehicle repair, as it could be anything from a suspension issue to worn brakes. Wheel issues can also be quite noisy. Some of these conditions can make your vehicle hazardous to drive or snowball into some serious problems if left untreated. Again, that sounds like a medical prognosis, doesn’t it? Unless you want your car to get beyond a simple vehicle repair and end up in the retirement home (a.k.a. the junkyard), don’t ignore that squeak, knock, hiss or clunk. Let us take a look at it and make those noises go away!

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  1. susan archer
    Nov 05, 2014 @ 20:32:23

    hello, i believe it was your company , that towed my fathers ” 1927 model t ” today.. the drivers name was ” angel “… and an ” angel ” , he was ..
    my dad has had this model t , since he was 11 years old.. he is nearing ” 80 years old ” now..
    the kindness , and expertise ” angel ” showed my dad , and his car .. was outstanding …
    so just wanted to say , a big thank you :) , and god bless :)


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