Tires: Don’t Ignore that Rubber on the Road!

When did you last check the air pressure in your tires? Can’t remember, or maybe it was done when you last had an oil change? Most vehicle owners don’t think about tire pressure because everything seems fine. Well, it might seem that way until you need to slow down quickly or swerve to avoid an accident.

When tires don’t have sufficient air pressure, most of the car’s weight is on the tread just under the sidewalls, instead of being evenly spread across the tire’s full width. This means that when you drive, the sidewall is constantly squished and it heats up, affecting both safety and performance. Tires that are very low on air can blow out because of the stress.

It can’t be emphasized enough: Check the air pressure in your tires at least once a month. Also give them a visual check and look for bulging sidewalls, cuts or uneven wear patterns. Irregular wear could indicate the need for an alignment or new suspension components. A bubble or deep cut in the sidewall signals a potential weak spot that could cause a blowout.

Finally, check the tread depth by performing the penny test. Place a penny upside down in the outside and middle tread grooves. If you can still see Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires.

Tires: Don’t Ignore that Rubber on the Road!

Note: You don’t want to overinflate the tires either because this will prevent full tread contact due to the vehicle riding mainly on the center of the tread, making the ride stiff.


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