Top Reasons for a Regular Vehicle Tune-up

A discussion about the reasons for a vehicle tune-up must begin with what that really is. In the old days, a traditional vehicle tune-up included new spark plugs and filters. Older non-electronic ignition vehicles will still need this type of service regularly. Newer vehicles have electronic ignitions and fuel injection systems, so routine vehicle maintenance is quite a bit different.

Top Reasons for a Regular Vehicle Tune-upThe recommended tune-up interval can be found in your vehicle owner’s manual, but that is only a recommendation, as there are various factors that can alter that schedule. Our vehicle technicians at Joyce Automotive are your best source for determining when your vehicle would benefit from a vehicle tune-up or service.

There are a number of benefits involved in having a vehicle tune-up performed. Having a vehicle that runs better is pretty nice, of course, but even better is increasing the fuel efficiency or performance and prolonging the life of the vehicle. Today’s vehicle tune-up will include inspecting and testing various components, such as fuel, emissions and ignition systems and replacing any worn parts, such as filters.

Generally speaking, our auto technicians will follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. It is our job to make sure your vehicle operates at its peak efficiency, and you can count on us to do that. If your vehicle isn’t running like it should be, bring it in and we’ll check it out to see if it would benefit from a vehicle tune-up.


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