How to Tell if Your Vehicle Needs Brake Repair Services

Brake Repair ServicesWhile many vehicle maintenance and repair issues, if ignored, will only cost you in terms of higher repair bills later, brake issues can cost you dearly if ignored because brake failure can result in a very serious accident. Luckily, with only a couple exceptions, there are telltale signs that brake repair services are needed.

One very noticeable sign is a grinding or squealing noise when you apply the brakes. While some noise is normal when the brakes have been exposed to water, such as going through a puddle, if it continues when conditions are dry, you should bring your car to us for brake repair services.

Another sign you need brake repair services is if the car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes. This could indicate uneven wear, the need for an adjustment, or a problem with the brake fluid. If you feel vibration in the car or brake pedal, that can also indicate a problem.

One of the more difficult symptoms to notice is reduced responsiveness when braking. This is because it happens so gradually that you may not notice it is taking more and more effort to brake. If you think it seems like the brake pedal sinks to the floor more than it used to, however, bring your vehicle in to us at Joyce Automotive, and we’ll inspect to see if there is cause for concern.

Should you experience any of these situations or notice the presence of brake fluid where you park your car, give us a call and describe the symptoms. We can let you know whether it is safe to drive your car to our shop or whether it would be safer to have us tow it in.

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