Ways to Tell a Good Automotive Technician from a R.A.T.

Spotting a Good Automotive TechnicianSome major consumer complaints about auto shops include paying for services not provided, being cheated into overpaying, buying parts of inferior quality, or an automotive technician actually installing faulty parts that malfunction over time. Luckily, there are some ways of sniffing out a “R.A.T.”


Of course, when you enter the average auto shop and ask the manager about the business, he or she will paint a glowing picture of their organization and boast about better rates and quality service than those ‘jerks down the street’. But, you’ll probably get a different response when you ask people in the area about the company’s reputation.

And, what feedback do you get when you look up a particular automotive technician online and read customer reviews? Does the company belong to the Better Business Bureau? Yes, it’s all about reputation – whether the third-party information comes via a friend or through a formal listing, it is definitely the best way to gauge an auto shop’s credibility.


Auto technicians are often unjustly portrayed as work-first creatures who consider etiquette and customer service as second-rate priorities. However, in reality, if they do have a legitimate operation, customers have a right to expect the same helpful answers, useful information and a positive attitude that any other reputable business would give.


In a free, capitalistic market such as that utilized in America, it is important that consumers share information and stick together. By making sure that every automotive technician is held accountable for their practices, both bad and good, consumers have protection against possible fraud and other issues, while also having more confidence when looking for services.


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