Wheel Alignment Helps Keep You on the Road

WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICES IN LAKELAND, FLORIDAWheel alignment is one of those automotive issues that’s easy not to think about. After all, you already get your oil changed regularly, and you rotate your tires. What more can your car want from you? However, there are actually several good reasons why you should get a wheel alignment.

The first and most important reason is safety. Poor wheel alignment creates extra wear on your tires as well as your suspension and steering systems. Those systems work together to keep you and your vehicle between the lines and on the road. Worn out tires grip the road less effectively, and an uneven suspension doesn’t effectively distribute the weight of your vehicle. Those factors combined means you have less traction and therefore less control of your vehicle.

Another reason is expense. In the previous paragraph, we mentioned that bad wheel alignment creates extra wear on several parts of your vehicle. That means those parts are more likely to need repairs or replacement. Putting new tires on your vehicle can be an expensive endeavor. When your vehicle has bad alignment, it makes it necessary to replace your tires more often.

Proper wheel alignment also makes your vehicle more enjoyable to drive. With proper alignment, you’ll have better handling and experience a smoother ride since your suspension is able to work properly. You may also have better gas mileage since poor wheel alignment causes your engine to work harder and consume more fuel.

It’s usually easy to tell if you need to have a wheel alignment done. When your alignment is off, you’ll usually notice your car pull to one side even when your steering wheel is centered. You may also notice uneven wear patterns on your tires. That’s because your tires are experiencing sideways drag. If you notice either of these problems on your vehicle, it’s time to call us at Joyce Automotive about correcting your wheel alignment.

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