When Do You Need Wheel Alignment Services?

wheel alignment servicesWe’ve all heard about cars needing their wheel alignment checked, but just how often should we do this?  And what are the variables besides time and frequency that might necessitate the need for wheel alignment services?  Here are a few tips to help you know when you should take your car in for wheel alignment services.

The first sign that you should get your alignment checked may seem a bit obvious.  Is your car consistently pulling to one side when you drive? Or, is your steering wheel not centered when you drive?  These are likely signs that your alignment is off, and you should bring your car in for wheel alignment services.  However, you can first have your tires pressure checked to be sure this is not the problem of the pulling while you drive.  After that is ruled out, it’s time to take your car in.  This change in alignment can be caused by many different things, but some common causes might be things like hitting potholes, the curb, concrete barriers in parking lots, and so forth.  These won’t always cause a misalignment, but if you hit a pretty good bump and start to notice one of the previously mentioned symptoms, it would wise to have the alignment checked.

Another thing to look for is uneven wear on the tread of your tires.  Do they look more worn on one side of the tire rather than the other?  This is a sign of misalignment and can affect the life of your tires and the parts that steer them.  Alignment is an important feature needed for proper and safe driving, and durability of car parts.

If you haven’t hit any large potholes lately and are not noticing any of these or other key indicators, it is still wise to have your alignment checked yearly.  A good time to do this can be when you have your tires rotated, or when you go in for other maintenance check-ups.  If you feel you are in need of wheel alignment services, we have a capable team of technicians at Joyce Automotive who are ready to help you get back on the road with your wheels and alignment ready. Give us a call.

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