Commercial Vehicle Repair, Lakeland, FL

By providing commercial vehicle repair, we are truly a full-service premier vehicle repair and maintenance shop in Lakeland, FL.

Commercial Vehicle Repair, Lakeland, FLCommercial Vehicle Repair in Lakeland Florida – At Joyce Automotive in Lakeland, F, we not only want to be the place you turn for maintaining or repairing your personal vehicle, but also for your commercial vehicles. By providing commercial vehicle repair, we are truly a full-service premier vehicle repair and maintenance shop.

We offer a number of commercial vehicle repair services, including oil changes, transmission repair, new tires, towing services and pretty much any other type of repair needed. Our ASE-certified auto and truck technicians are fully trained when it comes to commercial vehicle repair.

One of the things that sets us apart from our competition and lends itself well to companies with a fleet of vehicles is that our technicians are not paid commissions or bonuses for doing extra work. This means your company’s vehicles will only get the necessary commercial vehicle repairs – not a bunch of extras meant to pad the bill.

Another aspect of our commercial vehicle repair services that we are proud of is that we only use high-quality parts and supplies. For example, when your vehicles get an oil change, you can rest assured they will have high-quality engine oil and oil filters used. You could go to one of those shops that offers a cheap $10 or $15 oil change, but since the quality oil and filter costs us more than that, we know they are either using inferior oil or will find a way to sell you something more to make up for the lost profit. We don’t play those games, so you get the best commercial vehicle repair and maintenance available — every service, every time!

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    Commercial Truck Repair, Lakeland, FL

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