Vehicle Tune-Up, Lakeland, FL

At Joyce Automotive, we can assist you with a vehicle tune-up on any car or truck you own.

Vehicle Tune-Up, Lakeland FLVehicle Tune-Up in Lakeland Florida – A vehicle’s engine has many working parts that need to move in tune with each other.  They are all set and tuned at the factory where they are assembled.  Vintage cars were not fitted with sensors and a computer that made automatic adjustments like your car has today.  Over time, the engine on vintage cars would begin to run rough or become out of tune, due to natural wear on various parts.  Vehicle tune-ups for older cars (usually 1980’s and earlier models) required ignition and valve timing, spark plug gapping, setting dwell angle on the distributor, and adjusting the carburetor, as well as replacing hoses, wires, spark plugs, and other worn parts.

Progressively, the advancements in technology have changed vehicle tune-up needs.  This is precisely why we hire certified automotive technicians instead of mechanics.  Working on modern cars requires knowledge of computer diagnostics, interrelated systems, and a mechanical understanding of the way an engine runs.  Despite the old verbiage and the new needs of today’s cars, vehicle “tune-ups” are still necessary to ensure a reliable, safe vehicle and to prevent costly repairs.  At Joyce Automotive in Lakeland, Florida, our technicians have a wide range of skills and knowledge, making it possible for us to repair any vehicle you have, whether personal or commercial.

A vehicle tune-up on a modern car includes replacing air filters, spark plugs, and spark plug wires.  Our auto technicians will also generally inspect hoses for holes or dry rot, inspect belts, inspect your tires, look for oil leaks, and scan your vehicle’s computer with an onboard diagnostics tool as part of a vehicle tune-up.  It is important to understand that computers control the air to fuel ratio, timing, and emissions in your modern vehicle, whereas older vehicles were left to their own devices.  If your car is hard to start or running rough at idle or during driving, a vehicle tune-up probably won’t cure the problem.  You will want to communicate all of the symptoms your vehicle has to our technicians, so an accurate diagnosis and repair can be made.

Your owner’s manual will list recommended maintenance schedules for things that fall into a modern vehicle tune-up.  The most common intervals are 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, and 100,000 miles.  If you lost your owner’s manual or your son spilled his milkshake on it so you had to throw it away, that’s okay.  At Joyce Automotive, we are familiar with your car and will be able to tell you the common maintenance (tune-up) schedule.

During these vehicle tune-ups, you can expect your coolant system to be flushed and changed, transmission fluid to be changed, spark plug and wire replacement, belt replacements, air filter replacements, oil change and filter replacement, and tire rotation.  Many of these schedules also call for an inspection of parts that commonly wear and need to be replaced.  We will also inspect your brakes, driveshaft and boots, fuel line and filter, and any system the computer may be showing a trouble code for.  If any part is damaged or worn, we will suggest replacement.  Keeping up with regular maintenance such as oil changes and brake pad and rotor changes will prevent other parts from wearing out too soon.