Need a Tow?

Joyce Automotive and Towing is your answer!

Serving Lakeland, FL and the surrounding area since 1969, we provide roadside assistance, towing and wrecker services.

Call (863) 323 9585

Providing services 24hrs x 7d

Who You Call When You Need Assistance

Since 1969, Joyce Automotive and Towing has been serving the the greater Lakeland area with full towing and wrecker services for vehicles and light diesel trucks.

Joyce maintains a fleet of vehicles, and always has someone answering our calls; ready to get one of our trained drivers to you ASAP.

Full Auto Repair Services

Not only does Joyce Automotive and Towing provide excellent tow services, we have a full repair shop at our location at 1034 E Main St. in Lakeland, FL.

Whether it’s a small issue with a tire, to a complete rebuild of a transmission and engine, Joyce has over 50 years experience repairing vehicles and light diesel trucks.

Call Joyce Today for your Towing and Roadside assistance.