Oil Change Services, Lakeland FL

Joyce Automotive Offers Quality Oil Change Services at Reasonable Prices in the Lakeland, FL area.

Motor oil is a crucial part of a vehicle’s engine, and regular oil change services are an important aspect of vehicle maintenance.

oil change servicesOil Change Services in Lakeland Florida – Oil goes through the engine to lubricate the moving parts, and it also cools the engine to prevent overheating, which can cause severe and long-term damage. It plays an important role in keeping your car functioning properly, but oil does become less effective over time due to heat, moisture, and air exposure, which causes it to break down. This results in thickening, corrosion, and formation of deposits, all of which can damage your engine.

Joyce Automotive offers oil change services at reasonable prices, and our shop is conveniently located close to Downtown Lakeland. You might be wondering why we don’t offer a $10 or $15 oil change like some of the big retailers and dealerships, and the reason is simple. High-quality engine oil and oil filters cost significantly more than $10 or $15, and that doesn’t even take into account the salary of the technician doing the work. How do you think the difference is made up? It’s known as a “loss leader”, a marketing ploy used to get folks in the door in an effort to sell them something else.

We charge a fair price for our high-quality synthetic blend engine oil, lube and filter ($34.95), and our full synthetic oil change with a 7,500 mile change interval is only $10 more. We think you’ll find it’s the best full synthetic engine oil change value in Lakeland. Most of the catastrophic engine failures we see here at Joyce Automotive are directly related to lubrication issues–too long of an oil change interval causes sludge buildup, which leads to oil starvation and premature bearing failure. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. The proper oil changed at the appropriate interval will result in a long-lasting, “happy” engine, which, of course, means a happy owner. Call us for an appointment for oil change services at your convenience.

For more information on our oil change services, contact us today.