A. Jenkins

“I had to have car towed by AAA for overheating.   Joyce Automotive is a AAA authorized towing service and also a AAA authorized automotive shop. They promptly found the issue and made recommendations to prevent future problems with my car as it is about 12 years old.  My radiator hose split causing the original problem.   They replaced all top and lower hoses as well as installed a new thermostat as it appeared when my car overheated that the thermostat was stuck as my gauge did not reflect overheating.”

The tow truck was on scene less than 45 minutes from my initial call.   The driver was very courteous and knowledgeable.  Once I got to the business, I was asked in detail to explain what had happened.  I was told I would be called once they determined the problem.  I received a call approximately 1 hour later letting me know of the issue and their recommendation to replace hoses as well as the thermostat.  When I told the mechanic that the only thing that happened was my dashboard light came on indicating the coolant was low but my gauge had never registered hot.  Once I turned my car off, there was steam starting to come out.  He said it most likely the thermostat had stuck.  He did not push me to replace all the hoses but I did felt like it was good advice.   My car was ready about 3 hours later so I was able to pick it up after work.