C. Bauman


We’ve used Joyce towing services twice in the past week.  My son’s car
broke down on his way home from work last Friday and we had to leave it
in a parking lot until we could decide what to do.  On Sunday we called
Joyce, after seeing favorable reviews for this company online.   When I
called, Melissa was very helpful and cheerful.  She gave me a
straightforward estimate of the charges.  I called two other companies to
compare rates.  While Joyce was not the “cheapest”, the others I called
made it so complicated to get an estimate…..”our hook up fee is $ XX.oo +
so many dollars per mile + fuel fee is 10% of the total cost”.    Really?
When all the math was done, Joyce came in within $5 of the others I called.
We decided to go with them based on the favorable reviews we read since
the difference in cost was negligible.  Was so glad we did!  The driver showed
up right on time, was clean and professional!  He was friendly and helpful
in explaining exactly how the procedure would go.  We had the car towed to
our home.  A couple of days later, after not being able to repair the car ourselves,
we decided to have it towed to a local repair shop.  Since we had such a good
experience with Joyce, we called them again.  Got the same professional and
courteous service we’d gotten a few days before.  Nice, clean, and professional
driver who knew what he was doing!  Treated our car, and us, with respect.
Hope we don’t need towing services often, but we will definitely call Joyce
without hesitation in the future!