John and Judy H


On behalf of my Wife, Judy and myself, I wanted to thank you Ed, for the excellent professional service that your Company provided to us, on Jan. 9th.

We were in a position where the facility that we were at, was unable to perform the required service to our Motor Home. Your men provided good, professional work in towing our Motor Home from Lake Wales to Lakeland to your facility. When we arrived, we were greeted like we had arrived at our own home, and within minutes you had employees working on our Rig. In very short order, they had figured out what the problem was, and were able to get our Diesel engine working properly again.

It means a lot to a customer to be greeted and serviced in such a way. When this happens, I tend to never forget, and then I tell everyone I know about it! I had total confidence in your Company and every employee that we were in touch with. You should be proud of the team of professionals you have assembled at your facility. Other Companies should look at your Company as a model to follow.

We will certainly use your Company Services again while visiting in this area.

– John and Judy H

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