J. Echols

“Diagnosed and resolved engine issue. Also performed oil change and tire rotation”

My truck recently died while in route to work so I called AAA. They

dispatched Joyce Automotive and arrived in about 25 minutes. Being new
to the area I didn’t have an established service center to take my
truck. The tow truck driver recommended their business as it was just
around the corner. I haphazardly agreed since I’ve never had any dealing
with this company before. He quickly towed my truck to the garage where
I saw about a dozen work bays in full operation, which gave me a little
peace. They even got me to my job which was about a mile away. Ed
contacted me with good news of simple fix so while it was there I asked
him to change the oil and rotate the tires. In the end, very satisfied of the work done and the overall quality and value. I’ll use them again next time I’m in the area.