J. Mathis

“I used my car insurance emergency roadside assistance service for a flat tire.  The tow truck driver came to the house and changed the flat tire, he put on the spare tire.  I later took the car in to the shop where they fixed the flat tire and put it back on the car.”

I am from out-of-town.  I came to Lakeland for the birth of my grandchild.  During the time I got a nail in the rear passenger-side tire of my car.  The tire was flat that morning, and I called our car insurance and used our emergency roadside service option.  They made contact with the company and told me someone would be out within 30 minutes.  The tow truck arrived in less than 30 minutes, and the driver went right to work taking off the flat tire and putting on the spare tire.  He put the flat tire in the trunk for me, so I could take it to be fixed.  I had no idea where to take a tire to be fixed, so I asked the driver if they fixed tires.  He said yes, and they could probably get me in and out within 15-20 minutes, and he would call ahead and let them know I was coming.  When I got to the shop, I discovered that he had not called in yet, so I was expecting to have to go somewhere else.  However, when I explained everything to the front desk worker, he was very helpful and told me he would get someone on it as soon as possible, even though they were rather busy.  I asked how long it would be, thinking that if it was going to take a while, I would just go somewhere else.  He went out to the garage area, returned in just a few minutes and took my car right into the work area.  Within 15-20 minutes the flat tire was fixed, back on my car, the spare put away in its place, and the technician was bringing my keys to me.  When I went to pay, the front desk person told me there was no charge and to have a nice day.  Everyone was very professional and courteous.  They made every effort to take care of my problem in an efficient manner.  While I was waiting, I observed other customers coming in and being treated with the same courtesy and helpfulness.