L. Hudson

“Replaced the Master Cylinder on my daughter’s car.”

The brake light was coming on.  My husband replaced the brakes, but still had no brake pedal.  Took the car to Joyce, they called within hours to tell us the master cylinder needed to be replaced and gave us a quote of around $360.  We picked up the car the same day, but my daughter drove it home.  She said it still had hardly any pedal.  My husband drove it, and she was right, still no pedal.  He immediately called Joyce, they told him they would come pick it up with the tow truck – not to drive it.  I like that, that they took into consideration what could happen.  They picked it up within an hour, after shop hours.  They called the next morning.  The master cylinder they had put on was bad.  They put on a new one and all was good.  They took our 10% coupon we got off Angie’s list and applied to the entire bill – labor & parts.  Everyone we talked with was very friendly and courteous.  Ed was great.