S. Martens

“I took my husband’s Honda Ridgeline 2006 to Joyce Automotive, it needed new brake rotors and pads, and we were not sure if it was the front or the back or both, and it turned out to be the back and they said that the front could probably wait another 3000-5000 miles before we did that. In fact I also took my daughter-in-laws car over there to just see if it was car worthy to make the trip, 1300-1400 mile trip from here and she needs new brake rotors too, but other than just basic things that needed to be fixed like a radio and that type of thing she is good to go.”

They were very good. They were very courteous and professional. I am very pleased with them and I will use them again. They were very upfront and kind of talked me through the process. They were pretty straight forward with the fact that they could have said well your front ones are bad too, how would I know, but they said that they still had some life on them. Living in Lakeland, it is a smaller city compared to say Tampa or Orlando, we kind of are on our own, we are not part of a metropolis and so it is a company that has been around for a while and you do not last very long in a small town if you do not do decent work. The fact that I found them on Angie’s List and there were reviews on there that rated them positively, and that is what I was looking for.