T. Murphy

Joyce Automotive towed my 2006 Honda Pilot, which had died in the middle of the S. Florida and Miriam intersection at 2p.m., to their garage.  The alternator had gone kaput and fried the battery.  When I got home the manager called and to say I needed a new battery, serpentine belt, and alternator—-and they could install it that afternoon, which they did.

We picked up the car this afternoon.  I brought in a coupon from Angie’s list for a 10% discount, and they were pleased to give it. Even though I hadn’t mentioned the coupon until I went to pay the bill.  Saved us $66.00.  I also know they were in the ballpark on parts because I checked the price of an alternator on line for that model car and it was price at $411.00.  The bid for the work came in at 732.00 but with the coupon the price was 669.00.  The car runs great and we just returned from the Ray’s baseball game, which is quite a long drive.  Too bad the Rays lost to the Seattle Mariners.  I am very pleased with the folks at Joyce and will have them do any work that is needed on our vehicles.