Used Tires, Lakeland, FL

Our technicians in Lakeland, FL can help you select used tires that are safe and will fit your individual needs.

Used Tires in Lakeland, FL Used Tires – Using tires to combat the friction of the road on the wheel was a new idea in 1846, but today, tires are so commonly used that we rarely think about them unless there is a problem.  The same oil that is driving up the cost of gas for your car is also used to manufacture tires.  In turn, the price of tires is also increasing.  Because of price increases and tight budgets, many people are choosing to drive on tires for the maximum amount of time possible.

Because the Lakeland, Florida climate causes tires to wear or deteriorate faster than some other environments, you should be aware your tires probably will not last the maximum amount of time the manufacturer’s rating suggests.  At Joyce Automotive, we want your safety to be the #1 priority.  We encourage you to be aware of the condition of your tires by paying attention to the tread wear and looking for cracks or breaks in the rubber.  If you have any concerns, one of our technicians will inspect the tires you are currently using.

We understand tires and other car repairs can be an unexpected burden on your budget.  If your tires fail the inspection, new tires can be very expensive.  At Joyce Automotive, we carry used tires, which are cheaper than new tires.  All used tires are inspected and determined to be good quality before they are put on a vehicle.

Every car has unique needs.  The tire that is appropriate for one person’s vehicle may not be appropriate for yours.  Your tires are not something you want to worry or think about every day.  However, our auto technicians think about tires every day—it’s our job! We are fully aware of each type of tire we sell and what situations they are best for.  Talk with us today about your needs and expectations for your tires.  Clear communication will allow our technicians to help you select used tires that are safe and will fit your individual needs.