• Tires


    If you are in need of tires or tire inspection on your car or truck, Joyce Automotive offers several different major lines of tires including Goodyear, Bridgestone, Uniroyal, Continental and Falken. We also carry a nice selection of used tires.

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  • Auto Repair Services

    Auto Repair Services

    If you have a truck, we are skilled at performing truck repair, replacing truck tires, and making commercial vehicle repairs. Our technicians keep a stock of new tires and used tires, so we can help you get the best price that fits into your budget.

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  • Towing Services

    Towing Services

    Our trucks also respond to emergency calls and traffic accidents for all 3 local enforcements agencies. Anything from a gas-sipping puddle jumper to a 4×4 (soccer mom assault vehicle) gets one of our modern flatbed trucks for a damage-free tow whenever and wherever you need it.

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  • Oil Change Services

    Oil Change Services

    Joyce Automotive offers oil change services at reasonable prices, and our shop is conveniently located close to Downtown Lakeland. You might be wondering why we don’t offer a $10 or $15 oil change like some of the big retailers and dealerships, and the reason is simple.

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Joyce Automotive Offers Superior Auto Repair Services & Towing Services in Lakeland, FL

If You Are Looking for an Auto Repair Shop with Honest Auto Technicians in Lakeland, FL, Look No Further than Joyce Automotive!

Joyce Automotive is a full-service auto repair shop that offers a wide range of services for your vehicle. We have a team of skilled auto technicians who can diagnose and repair problems on all types of cars, trucks, and other vehicles, and we offer great service at reasonable prices. If your car breaks down while you are out on the road, we offer towing services to get your vehicle into our shop safely. Our towing manager focuses on providing fast and professional service, since we understand that sitting in an unfamiliar place while waiting for a tow truck to come can be frustrating. We can also perform routine automotive maintenance and a vehicle tune-up to help your car last as long as possible.

At Joyce Automotive, our owners are local residents who are an active part of the community. Our shop is in Lakeland, Florida, and we serve people from all over Polk County. We are open Monday-Friday from 7 am-6 pm, and also have Saturday hours from 8am-12 pm for those who can’t get here on a weekday. We have been in business for 25 years, and are proud to offer great vehicle repair services at fair and honest prices.

What Our Clients Say

  • Tom D.

    We had our RV towed here…after being down the street at another repair place who didn’t fix it after having it for a week… before it was unloaded from the tow truck. .the tec had it fixed! Very friendly people! Reasonable rates too! We will definitely be back! Related Auto Repair Posts: C. Bauman J.(…)

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  • John and Judy H

      On behalf of my Wife, Judy and myself, I wanted to thank you Ed, for the excellent professional service that your Company provided to us, on Jan. 9th. We were in a position where the facility that we were at, was unable to perform the required service to our Motor Home. Your men provided(…)

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  • J. & G. Lee

    “Oil change & inspection.” We are long time customers (15 years) on this visit Butch and Joe again were very professional. Typical of the people ED and Laura employ. Great place to have automotive work done. Related Auto Repair Posts: D. Record R. Stewart A. Kollinger R. Welch What You Should Expect from a Professional(…)

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  • J. Mathis

    “I used my car insurance emergency roadside assistance service for a flat tire.  The tow truck driver came to the house and changed the flat tire, he put on the spare tire.  I later took the car in to the shop where they fixed the flat tire and put it back on the car.” I(…)

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  • A. Jenkins

    “I had to have car towed by AAA for overheating.   Joyce Automotive is a AAA authorized towing service and also a AAA authorized automotive shop. They promptly found the issue and made recommendations to prevent future problems with my car as it is about 12 years old.  My radiator hose split causing the original problem.   They replaced(…)

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  • H. Craven

    “Replace radiator and refill engine cooling system” Excellent service, job finished on time. Customer friendly staff, very knowledgeable. No hidden fees or charges – straight upfront estimate. Related Auto Repair Posts: C. Bauman A. Jenkins J. Belcher R. Welch John and Judy H

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  • K. Knaak

    “Put a new front end on our car for a great price” My son was driving home from school when the front tire fell off. it ended up the whole front end was rusted out. They found a new front end, installed it and had it ready for pick up with in two days Related Auto(…)

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  • V. Starks

    “Replaced a brake light switch” I was notified that my brake lights didn’t work.  I went to Joyce (I had been there in the past and was happy with their service).  I called them as I couldn’t drop my car off so I would have to sit and wait.   They diagnosed the problem was(…)

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  • J. Birkhold

    “Changed out a bad battery.” Perfectly as does everything at Joyce’s. I have told them that I would trade out the four doctors who are either trying to keep me alive or kill me before I would trade out Joyce’s for my car needs. Anyone in Lakeland, Florida, who does not patronize them is making(…)

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  • M. Goff

    “Towed and repaired timing belt.” Vehicle broke down in Pasco county. Joyce Wrecker responded and towed it back to their yard. It was later determined to be the timing belt had broken. They did a great job. The owner, Ed, even cut me some slack on the towing charge, since they did the repair. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!(…)

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