Keep Your Diesel Running:

Expert Mobile Repairs Anywhere, Anytime

Certified Technicians for All Your Diesel Vehicle Needs

Are you in the Lakeland area, but can’t get your diesel vehicle to us? That’s okay. Let our factory trained technicians come to you. We offer everything from preventative maintenance and simple fixes on site to diagnostics and provisional repairs to get your vehicle drivable enough to bring back to our shop.

Wheel seals and brake jobs, done anywhere you need it.

Whether you have a lightweight delivery vehicle, or a long-haul freight truck, Joyce Automotive & Towing can help.

A pristine semi truck with the hood open to show a clean engine in perfect condition

Our Mobile Diesel Repair

From emergency repairs to routine checks, our team handles a wide range of services for all light, medium and heavy diesel vehicles. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, we ensure top-quality service, every time.


Emergency Repairs

Maintenance Services

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